I think I’ve got it sorted, I can do what I want to do and it’s working.

Then it doesn’t.

This week I’ve spent several hours trying to get my credit card reader to work. I spoke to one Customer Service man from my bank who, having spent an hour and a half with me, suggested I get a new phone! I went to the branch, where they knew nothing about credit card readers and put me back on to Customer Services!

In the end, they said they’d send me out a new card reader (my third!) but suggested that I purchase one from Officeworks that’s cheaper, costs less per transaction and is supposedly pretty reliable.

The downside was that apparently it’s hard to get support if anything goes wrong.

Having dropped in to Officeworks, interrogated the sales person, read several reviews and decided that it looked simple enough, I purchased it. Then proceeded to spend the afternoon (all afternoon and into the evening) trying to get the new credit card reader to work with my phone.

What instructions there were, I followed exactly. I triple checked everything I’d done and cross referenced with Google.

By the time my family got home from their various evening excursions, I was hunched over my computer, sobbing.

Surrendered. Hopeless. (Feeling stupid and worthless.)

I thought I’d wrecked my phone.

Nothing was working.

I’m actually not stupid. Although not the most tech-savvy person on the planet, I generally get by. I do however get rolled eyes and derogatory comments from everyone in my house about my lack of intuitive IT skills.

Despite persevering for so long, determined to be victorious (by myself), I was beaten.

Technology had me in tears. Usually it has me frustrated, annoyed or angry.

Needless to say, within half an hour of their return, First Born had everything working perfectly.

How do they do it?

Why can’t I?

Now I’m writing lines of gratitude.

Thanks that my daughter could fix it all. Thanks that my husband got me dinner. Thanks that my phone works again. Thanks that I can now offer credit card payments to my clients again. Thanks that I have a massage booked for myself tomorrow!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed out by technology, take a break! Go for a walk, breathe deeply, sing happy songs, dance around the room,?book a massage?- and get your kids to sort it out for you!

Then learn what they did?so you can do it?too!