Do you ever look in the mirror? Really look?

What do you see?

Are you busy doing your hair, putting on your makeup, checking your teeth, making sure your clothes fit and the hem’s not coming down on your favourite skirt?

Do you look at the “bits”? You know, just your face or just your outfit, without looking at the whole of you?

Do you ever look at yourself naked – without commenting critically to yourself about the parts that need improvement? The chunky thighs, the big bum, the belly roll . . .

Do you smile at yourself, or frown? Do you talk to yourself? Is your voice upbeat and positive or full of remorse or disappointment, or even worse, resentment or shame?

Do you remember years ago, somebody (I forget who) had us all looking in the mirror, telling ourselves out loud that we loved ourselves? Did you ever do it? Or were you too embarrassed? Even though nobody was there to hear you say it?

You know, don’t you?

Words have power

Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity.?We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement, or destructively, using words of despair.?Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble.” Yehuda Berg

Words have a vibration, all of their own. The words you say to yourself have as much, or more, impact on you than the words you hear from others.

How about trying something new the next time you look in the mirror?

Look at yourself

Really look.

See all the beautiful things about yourself. See what a wonderful, gorgeous person you are. See all the experiences that have made you you. See yourself as a baby, held lovingly in someone’s arms. See yourself as a little girl, playing happily with your best friend. See yourself falling madly in love and being loved right back. See yourself holding a baby, sniffing in that special smell, aching with love. See yourself playing joyfully with your favourite pet. See yourself on your first big adventure, experiencing the excitement and the fear and the sense of achievement when you made it back! See yourself overcoming obstacles and challenges that made you stronger each time.

See the big moments. The great ones. The ones that made your life so wonderful!

Really see you. The beautiful person you are.

Then look deeply into your eyes and say, “I love you”.

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PS?Your Word is Your Wand and The Power of the Spoken Word by?Florence Scovel Shinn, are both wonderful little books that illustrate the power of words. Her book, ?The Magic Path of Intuition? is also a good read ? and had a major influence on Louise Hay.