This morning I got dumped!
Things were relatively flat with not a lot going on.
The breeze was icy, straight off the snow on the mountains.
The water was pretty cold, but not rough, just a few bigger waves around.
One of those ones caught me when I wasn’t paying attention!
I was coming out of the water when a rogue dumper caught the back of my knees and flipped me backwards.
As I was tumbling over, under water, I watched the maelstrom through my goggles. It was quite beautiful in its chaos, sand twirling through the water, bits of seaweed caught up in it, the white froth washing around. It felt a bit like being in a washing machine.
Unhurt, not even breathless, I got to my feet again and continued up the beach to the showers, laughing. Under my swimmers, I was caked in sand! A very cold shower to wash it off and then it was time for a steaming hot coffee and a laugh with my friends.
It wasn’t until later in the day when I was thinking about how I saw and experienced that dumping.
When you are ready to change something major in your life – maybe a fear of public speaking, or giving up an addiction, or overcoming a crippling feeling of “not good enough” – you spend quite a while thinking about it. You mull over what you want to change, how you wish things were different and how different your life would be if you could just stop ….. whatever it is.
Then you start looking around for a solution. You might ask your friends, or do some online searching. You might make a few phone calls, or send a few emails.
It’s like you’ve sent out the intention that you are going to make a change, and the Universe responds. You might hear about the same therapy from a few different sources, or you might read something that makes you curious.
You choose your solution and whatever it is, once you’ve signed up to it (physically or metaphorically), changes begin to happen. Some of them are expected – like watching waves on the ocean and knowing when the next one is coming.
Some of them though, are like that rogue wild wave this morning.
They knock you off your feet while you’re not paying attention, throw you into the air and send you tumbling. If you’re a confident swimmer, you can appreciate the beauty in the chaos, knowing everything will work out, and you can just stand up and continue on your way.
If you’re not though, you might need some help, an outstretched hand to help you up the beach while you catch your breath.
My Fast Freedom Program is four weeks 1:1 to change something major in your life.
When you choose me to be your therapist, you’ll be getting that outstretched hand. I’ll be there to support you through the change and help you find your feet.
DM me now to find out more.