Freedom Day

Four months after entering lockdown, Sydney finally opened up (somewhat).

Labelled “Freedom Day” by many, hordes of people flooded to the shops, booked their long overdue hair appointments and gathered with friends wherever they could.

Another group of people stayed home.

Some cautious. Not wanting to go out too soon. Not wanting to risk infection. Worried about dealing with lots of people after being on their own for so long.

Others are still waiting.

In all those groups are some people who are very stressed.

Some of them have been stressed for a long time.

We know that chronic stress is detrimental to mind and body, possibly instigating a whole tranche of cascading problems.
Traditionally we have addressed stress with things like mindfulness, meditation, reframing thoughts, setting boundaries, self care, social support and seeking help from a therapist.

The stress cycle

One thing that is not often mentioned is that there is a stress cycle, and we frequently don’t complete it!
This leaves our nervous system is a state of prolonged stress.
If you can complete the stress cycle, you can turn off, or turn down, the stress hormones in your body.
When you’ve finished doing, or thinking about the thing that’s stressing you, DO something different!
By physically doing something different with your body, you are telling it that the stressful thing is finished.
Dance. Walk. Swim. Play basketball with your kids. It doesn’t matter what you do really, just do something different.
Of course, some mindful breathing will probably help too!
If you’re still struggling to make changes in how you feel or how your body is reacting, remember that I can help with my advanced hypnotherapy program.
I’ll help you unearth the core issue that’s underneath the chronic stress and then, working together, we will give your body a new way of being.
Book your free 30 minute Balance Assessment Session to see if we’re a fit.