What are you frightened of?

Theresa is a good swimmer. She’s strong and she’s fast. She swims in the surf a lot. She swims in the pool more.
Today Theresa swam across the bay to the headland and back.
That’s momentous.
Theresa is terrified of deep water. Her imagination runs riot – what about the sharks, the stingrays, the wobbegongs, the creatures!

The anticipation of what might happen is almost crippling.

As long as she doesn’t look at the bottom, and she keeps going, Theresa is OK. When it got too much, she rolled onto her back and looked at the sky.
We chatted. We admired the glorious morning, watched the whispers of clouds above, talked about the changing temperature as we moved through the currents.
About half-way across, we stopped and looked around.
It was magnificent!
The sea was calm and flat. The face on the headland looked like a gorilla’s from that angle, then as we moved closer, it turned into Sherlock Holmes. Approaching the headland we drifted over the garden of swaying grasses, coloured fish riding the currents.
The whole way across and back, Theresa was nervous.
I didn’t make her come with me. I didn’t talk her into it. Walking down the beach, she dithered around – “I might go in the pool”, “don’t wait for me”, “I can’t do it”, all the while walking into the water.
It was her choice to come with me or not. It was up to her to swim or sink.

All I did was wait.

I said I’d stay beside her all the way.
As we approached the shore again, Theresa’s eyes were sparkling and she was so excited, “I can’t believe I did it! It was amazing!”
Later in the morning she sent a text message – “I feel so exhilarated!”
It’s funny how often we let our fear of what might happen stop us from doing something truly wonderful.
How often do you do that?
“I can’t stand up and speak in front of all those people”, or, “I want to earn more money but I hate putting myself out there”, or “I want to start my own business but what if I fail.”

”I’m terrified of ….. “

What are you terrified of?
What’s holding you back from everything you want?
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