Do you have a Christmas wish list?

Are you still making New Year’s resolutions?

Have you got a big grand plan for next year, with all your goals and dreams mapped out?

Santa is a bit unreliable sometimes and we all know that New Year’s resolutions don’t work.

So how do you get what you want?


Manifesting is “the practice of preparing your mind, body and spirit to do the work to achieve the things that you want” (Mel Robbins).

There are some scientifically proven steps to the art of manifesting.

  1. Decide what it is that you REALLY want, deep down in your body and soul, then give yourself permission to have it.
  2. See yourself taking the steps and doing the work that will lead to creating, having or being what you want.
  3. Feel in your body what it feels like to do the work – and feel pride as you see yourself doing the work.
  4. Take the actions – step by step – to get there.

The biggest obstacle to manifesting

The problem that most people have when it comes to following those four steps:

When you try to imagine what actions to take, your mind goes blank!

In eight different studies by the University of Wisconsin, when participants tried to visualise themselves doing hard things (like asking for a pay rise, applying for a job, etc)  several things happened, for example:

  • People went blank
  • They focussed on minutiae
  • They doubted themselves
  • Their goals became much smaller

When they visualised someone else doing the hard things, everything changed!

This is called the power of objectivity.

When people visualised somebody they admired doing the work, suddenly all kinds of opportunities opened up. They became creative and bold and were able to imagine possibilities that didn’t hadn’t occurred to them when visualising themselves.

You can leverage this research to your advantage.

When you’re trying to visualise yourself taking the steps to achieving your goals, substitute the image of yourself with the image of somebody you admire.

How would Oprah or Adele make something happen?

Can you feel your creativity blossoming as you do that? Imagine lots of different scenarios. Play with it. Have fun manifesting your most amazing dreams!

It’s very common to find yourself bumping up against an internal block when you’re aiming to go higher.

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