Fix me!

Recently, I’ve seen a number of people who have come in for a massage and want to be ?fixed? in one visit.

There?s nothing unusual about that except all of them have one thing in common… they haven’t had a massage for a long time.

Here?s a scenario:? You?ve gained a little weight and winter is approaching.? You aren?t walking, surfing, swimming, running or going to the gym quite as much as you did over summer and now you?re finding that you feel a little stiff in the mornings.? You?ve been working long hours, sitting hunched over a computer keyboard and your shoulders, neck and lower back are a bit tight and uncomfortable.? You notice that your feet are a little swollen at the end of the day and that you?ve been getting headaches.? You feel a bit sluggish or bloated and don?t have as much energy as you?d like.? You bend over to pick something up from the floor and suddenly you?re in pain!

Someone suggests that a massage ?might help? and before you know it, you?re with me, asking me to ?just fix it?.

Sometimes, one visit is all it takes.? All sorted.? You leave, happy that everything is working again the way it should be.? I don?t see you for a few months until it all happens again, and this time it?s worse than it was before.

More often, you?ll need a few massages to ?fix it?.? Sometimes you?ll need quite a few.? If discomfort has been building up for several months it?s probably going to take several visits to sort it out.? Your body has been coping and you have ignored the warning signs, thinking the pain will go away by itself.

Besides, you haven?t got time.

Anyway, you really can?t afford it right now.

The thing is, there is plenty of evidence to prove that prevention and maintenance are well worth the time and cost so why wait for a massage?

Massage keeps you alive!

Regular massage has been proven to assist with most of the commonly listed ?problems? of our modern life!? It lowers blood pressure and stress, it improves circulation and lymphatic drainage, it keeps you looking younger for longer, it assists with achieving your fitness/sporting goals, it supports your healthy living and it makes you feel good.

Massage helps with mood swings, body repair, pre- and post-operative healing and removes cellulite!? Massage puts you in touch with your body.

The list of things that massage helps with just grows and grows.

My clients who have regular massage always know when their massage is due ? they can feel when it?s time.? If they miss one, they feel the difference!? They also know that, in the long run, it?s cheaper to take care of their body than to have to ?fix? a big problem.

It?s a bit like owning a car and having a regular service.

Why wait?

Book your next massage now!

Why wouldn?t you choose to feel great all the time?


*Photo courtesy of Free Digital Photos.